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Published Work



Other Work


  • Academic
    • Scientific research papers (based on a two-year, award-winning independent study)
      • The Effect of Beta Glucuronidase on the Antistaling Properties of Maltodextrin in White Bread, 2010
      • The Effect of Temperature on Antioxidant Decay in Extra Virgin Olive Oils, 2011
    • Film Criticism, “American Fallacy: The Three False Prophets of American Beauty,” 2011
  • Creative
    • Short Essay, “Oh! Sweet Nothing,” 2013 (Chosen for “Emerging Voices,” a freshman writing program reading at WashU)
    • Short Essay, “The Looking Glass,” 2010 (A false epiphany journey, read at “Emerging Voices”)


    • “Wicks and Whatnot,” historical fiction about the phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion, 2014
    • “Like This,” and “Moonwalking,” two pieces from an evolving community narrative written at WashU’s Summer Writer’s Institute, 2013

Literary Journalism

    • “Drugs, Man,” an interview with a campus drug dealer and an inside look into the modern online drug trade, 2013
    • “Believe It Or Not,” interviews with campus directors, actors, and stage managers for a behind the scenes look at campus theatre, 2013


Please email me to see excerpts of my unpublished work, and to inquire about the 80+ poems, dozens of academic essays, and drafts of other creative works that I do not mention here.


Photo Credit: Steven George


Please follow me on twitter for constant updates! Here is the list of shows that I’ve acted in since 2009, including links to articles and photos from the production.

Here are other articles about me from around the net.


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