About Me

I believe in the power of words and my ability to use them well.

Welcome to my blog! I am Julia Zasso, a writer, actress, student, and traveler. I write about the things I love: culture, media, and the craft of writing itself. I want to help my readers see their world and the writing they consume every day in a different, more interesting way. Our cups runneth over with enlightening TV shows, soul-speaking music, inspiring literature, and really, really great writing — I want to find, analyze, and contribute to that wealth.

The freedom of writing originally drew me to the craft, and the beauty kept me there.

I’ve tried too many creative outlets to count — acting, dancing, stand-up, improv, painting, drawing, singing, playing four different instruments, scrapbooking, even fashion design with my Singer sewing machine — and writing is my favorite. I can express myself, analyze my life, and grow from my experiences and thoughts through writing in a way that I can’t with other mediums. Within the craft of writing, I’ve also tried most genres (I was even on a slam poetry team in high school), and creative nonfiction is my favorite. It gives me the most freedom to talk about whatever interests me and whatever I find relative, and I can bring my own experiences, thoughts, and feelings into my work in an obvious and direct way. Blogging, along with other writing workshops, classes, and projects, is my latest endeavor. Read about my feelings about starting a blog here.

This blog is for anyone who wants more creativity and art in their life.

I am constantly thinking of ways to revive my creativity, ways to wake up my original voice — and I want to share those ideas with you! When I want to exercise my writing muscles in a constructive way, I turn to the writing groups I belong to, where I can share and review exercises and drafts with writers I respect, and different writing and self-help guides I’ve found on the internet and in print, such as the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I will share with you the writing tools I’ve gained from the classes I’ve taken and my own attempts at literary theory.

But there’s a second, vital part of writing that doesn’t involve putting the hand to the page (or fingers to keyboards) — absorbing art and beauty in life. I love going to art museums; discovering good music, TV shows, and movies; traveling the world; and talking to interesting people. All of these activities help me become a better writer and artist. I like reading blogs and articles written by aesthetes and wander-lusters like myself. I will give you my experiences and thoughts to enrich your own, as these writers have done for me.

Who am I?

Off the coast of Oslo, Norway, 2013

Off the coast of Oslo, Norway, 2013

Originally from Chicago, I am a junior at Washington University in St. Louis majoring in English and French. When I’m not in class, writing, working, or acting in a theatrical production on campus, I enjoy running, doing yoga, baking, exploring St. Louis, and seeing improv shows and concerts — or so I like to think, but it’s probably more realistic to say that I’m sleeping, watching Netflix, or having a philosophical debate with my older brother (every axe needs a grindstone, and he’s the best I know). I’m a feminist, Francophile, and aesthete, and I do my best to make my little sister appreciate my guidance in these fields (although she’ll soon surpass me in wits, I can just tell). Best Thing I’ve Ever Read: The Sound and The Fury by William Faulkner. Best Thing I’ve Ever Seen: view of Sedona, AZ vs. view of Yosemite National Park after a hike (Guess I’m just going to have to relive both sights to decide!). Best Place I’ve Ever Been: Paris, France (Francophile, remember?). Best Thing I’ve Ever Done: went to the Sewanee Young Writer’s Conference in 2010. I finally took my love for writing seriously and learned to seriously love and trust the craft.

Paris, France, 2012

Paris, France, 2012

Like what I do?

Check out my published work and other projects here and my professional resume here. You can also follow me on twitter for blog updates and links to articles that interest me. Please contact me below for comments, questions, or just some fun and friendly discussion about art, life, and the pursuit of creativity!


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